The glacier landscape features 2 large plateaus for 2 big houses or accessoires. On the front of the model there is a pathway leading up to the left and a stairs leading up to the right. Underneath the model there is plenty of room to fit your powerplugs and adapters.
Made from high quality plastics; you can easily cut, drill or saw in the model.
Suitable for all brands of houses: LEMAX, LUVILLE, DEPARTMENT 56 and all others!
Suitable for all accessories, figurines, trains, trees and all other items for your christmas village.
Use My Village spray paint to spray your landscape in additional colors.
Combine with My Village decorations to create a colorful and beautiful christmas village or scenery.
Use My Village backgrounds/backdrops behind your christmas village or scenery to fully finish it.

Gewicht 600 g
Afmetingen 78 × 25 × 20 cm


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