Use the SQUARE & FIELDS baseplate to quickly and easily create your christmas village. It is double sided and features 2 different lay-outs. Just place your houses, accessories, figurines and trees on the pre-made design, add decorations and you’re done.
-2 sided; you can choose what side, scenery and road layout you would like to use.
-Connectable; you can connect multiple baseplates to one another on 4 sides
-Because the basplates are flat, they are very suitable for spaces with limited height, such as on a shelf, inside a bookcase etc.
-Combine with My Village decorations to create a colorful and beautiful christmas village or scenery.
-Made from high quality plastic, you can easily cut, saw or drill in the baseplate.

Peso 240 g
Dimensiones 59 × 39 × 1 cm


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